Cold-Cast Alabastrite Resin Urns

Marbleized Veneer



Eagle at Rest 

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 Angel in Mourning

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La Pieta

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Hand in Prayer

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                                MEMO FROM THE PRESIDENT ABOUT THESE NEW URNS:

                                The Cold-Cast Urns (illustrated above) are Hand-Made and  in-production now.

                                Although we have inventory on hand (ready to ship), still, we cannot guarantee

                                that we will have every design in stock at all times. Full inventory is planned - but

                                not yet guaranteed.  Therefore, we recommend that you advise your Funeral

                                Director client to purchase samples for their "Display Shelf" - as it is not recommended

                                to offer these new designs from catalog or internet photos, until we are fully stocked.  


                                RECOMMENDATION:  If urn is sold  "Off the Funeral Director's Display Shelf" - and not

                                from a  photo, this will avoid any possible disappointment.  Also, it's important to note:

                                it's detailed workmanship is admired to the maximum - when viewing in person.   


                               Saul Goldstein, president




                                        COPYRIGHT - ELEGANTE BRASS COMPANY - NEW YORK